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From Paris, entrepreneurial mindset, always inspired in all the things and loving to work in growth mindset driven environments with speed and flexible ways of working.

What I Do

ProductDevelopment x StrategicMarketing x UserExperience

Data Analyst (KPIs, Dashboards, Reporting)

Web Developer (front-end)

Content Strategist (SEO, SEA, SMO, SMA)

Graphic Designer & UI/UX

Web3 Explorer (Blockchain, DAG, NFT, DeFi, ICO, IDO, IEO)

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Let's Talk!

About me

With more than 5 years experience on leading marketing, communication, business growth and transformation teams, I’m passionate about digital usage, user experience and product development. I am learning night and day to become a master of multiples worlds and then bringing them together to introduce unique connections and hot ideas that no one has seen before.

I am always ready for action, take risks, being more agile, accepting failures to succeed by taking them as opportunities to begin again and again, this time more intelligently. I endlessly have in mind to optimize situation, solve the problems by finding better, stronger, cleaner and cheaper solutions.

Whether it would be for business or simply to exchange ideas, I always seek to meet new people, to share my best practices, visions and passions, with those who share the same interests or in the same field, so get in touch with me.

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Latest publications

CZ Changpeng zhao charlie perreau binance les echos fintech crypto web3Publications Web3
2 décembre 2022

Le Web3 est en pleine crise

FTX et BlockFi ont déclaré faillite, d’autres géants le feront surement, pourtant nombreux sont ceux qui pensent qu’aucun pilier n’est ébranlé...
impact job fair change nowImpact
16 octobre 2022

Impact Job Fair

Plus de 50 entreprises, 600 jobs, 4000 candidats et des conférences : c’est l’événement Impact Job Fair de ChangeNOW...
7 octobre 2022

Big 2022 par BPI France

En ces temps d’incertitude, parfois de doutes, de crise où tout semble remis en cause, quel immense bonheur de ressentir une telle dynamique entrepreneuriale en France et en Europe...

Number and facts

Started to be CMO at 28 of a multi-Mio company @LouisGaume
Increased traffic by 700% and leads by 600% in four years without increasing marketing budget
Started to code my first website and basic programming language in 1996 at 6 year-old
One brand name registered @inpifrance and 38 domain names acquired
Cryptocurrency Investor in 25+ projects (DeFi, ICO, IDO, IEO)
Web3 Explorer (Blockchain, DAG, Smart contracts, NFT)

Latest Experiences

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Mastered tools

APIs & Projects

Slack – Notion – Coda – Trello – Airtable – Zapier – Postman

Dev & Ecommerce

WordPress – Github – Jira – Search Console – Stripe – Woocommerce – Paypal

CRM & KPIs/Metrics

Hubspot – Folk – Google Analytics – Fathom – Google Data Studio

Nocode & Design

Photoshop – Canva – Figma – Glide – –

Ads & Newsletters

Facebook Business – Google Ads – Mailchimp – SendinBlue – Typeform

Development Portfolio

Listings for luxury villa construction projects and for real estate for sale. Portfolio, blog, contact gateway, Offers and services, KPIs.

#html #css #php

User experiences, mock-up, layouts, content, graphics, SEO, CSS, responsive design…

#html #css

User experiences, mock-up, layouts, content, graphics, SEO, CSS, responsive design, menu, online booking…

#html #css #php

Online booking for villa rentals, online payment, data synchronization, listings, tenant online space, dashboard for the Agency, credit card payment and bank transfer, data management…

#php #javascript #jQuery #ajax

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If you’re desperately looking for that blog post on how I fully restored a 1987 austin mini…fine, here it is.

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