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Stock market crash today with the largest drop in the history of the CAC: 12.28% to 4044 points, beyond 1987 and 2008. The main European and global indices have collapsed.

Graphique marché bourse crise

The coronavirus: trigger or glimpse of an approaching crisis that has seemed inevitable for several months now? We are witnessing a historical period profoundly modifying traditional economic and societal models and designing new models for the 21st century.

Global speculative bubble, overvaluation of global giants, startups, unicorns; oil crisis between Russia, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, tensions in the Middle East, the economic war between the United States, China and Russia, and the debt of states in Europe…

The situation is delicate and historic, adding to the health crisis which is only at the beginning of its exponential trajectory.

Earth planète terre humanité

Beyond the challenges posed by the pandemic, new technologies and research are today even better able to respond to this metamorphosis and the pace of the transformation of our society will increase further. Real challenges concerning tech and digital must be met to overcome this major crisis.

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