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About me

Problem solver with 5+ years of experience on leading product development, driving business growth and spearheading transformation teams, I’m deeply passionate about digital innovation and user experience. I am learning night and day to become a master of multiples worlds and then bringing them together to introduce unique connections.

I am always ready for action, risk-taking, fostering agility, accepting failures as steps towards success by viewing them as opportunities to begin again and again, each time more intelligently. I endlessly have in mind to optimize situations, solve the problems by finding better, stronger, cleaner and cost-effective strategies. Transforming thoughtful ideas into useful & meaningful products for B2C and B2B users is my game.

I wholeheartedly believe in AI, Web3, quantum computing and XR, not in the pursuit of infinite growth, but rather in the quest for meaning, education, enhancing everyday life, optimizing the time resource, reducing poverty, fostering human connections, and advancing science. That is my objective.

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Number and facts

Increased traffic by 700% and leads by 600% in four years without increasing budget @louisgaume
One brand name registered @inpifrance and 38 domain names acquired
XR Space Interests: Immersive experiences, Interactive AR/VR/MR, device & interface
Fintech Investor in 25+ projects: DeFi, ICO, IDO, IEO
AI Explorer: Cloud, Data, Machine learning, Generative models
Web3 Enthusiast: Blockchain, DAG, Smart contracts, NFT, dApps, layers architecture

Latest Experiences

Mastered tools

APIs & Projects

Clickup – Trello – Airtable – Miro – Whimsical – Zapier – Make

Dev & Ecommerce

WordPress – Github – Jira – Search Console – Stripe – Woocommerce

CRM & KPIs/Metrics

Hubspot – Folk – Google Analytics – Fathom – Google Data Studio

Nocode, AI & Design

ChatGPT – Photoshop – Canva – Figma – Glide – Softr – Bubble – Midjourney & Dall·e

Ads & Mailings

Facebook Business – Google Ads – Mailchimp – Brevo – Typeform

Handmade with ❤ in Paris.

If you’re desperately looking for that blog on how I completely restored an Austin Mini… fine, here it is 👌

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