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🏃‍♂️ I'm on a quest to break my personal records in running, from spirited 10k races to challenging marathons, embracing each stride and milestone. I constantly challenge myself to improve my pace and extend my endurance.
🎾 Tennis with friends is my go-to for laughter-filled competition and camaraderie.
🕺 I'm captivated by the rhythm of 4-beat rock dancing, where learning new moves and syncing with the music and my dance partners brings pure joy.
DIY home projects are where I channel my creativity and craftsmanship. Transforming spaces and fixing the details are my tangible expression of love and care for my living space.
🔧 Restoring a vintage Austin Mini is my passion project, meticulously bringing this classic gem back to its glorious best, one detail at a time.
📸 Traveling the globe and capturing its beauty through the lens of my camera is also a cherished passion. Each journey is an opportunity to embrace new cultures, landscapes, and moments, preserving them in photographs that tell a story of adventure and discovery.


Fintech Investor: Portfolio across 25+ projects in DeFi, ICO, IDO, IEO

Brand Creator: One trademark registered @inpifrance

AI Explorer: Engaging with Cloud, Data science, Machine learning, Generative models

Digital Landlord: Acquired a strategic set of 38 domain names

XR Space Interests: Immersive experiences, Interactive AR/VR/MR, device & interface

Web3 Enthusiast: Deep dive into Blockchain, DAG, Smart contracts, NFT, dApps, Layered architectures
APIs & Projects
Dev & Ecommerce
CRM & KPIs/Metrics
Nocode, AI & Design
Ads & Mailings

Handmade with ❤️ in Paris.