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CZ Changpeng zhao charlie perreau binance les echos fintech crypto web3Web3
2 décembre 2022

Web3 is in crisis

FTX and BlockFi have declared bankruptcy, other giants will surely do so, yet many believe that no pillar is shaken and that this is a necessary step...
impact job fair change nowImpact
16 octobre 2022

Impact Job Fair

More than 50 companies, 600 jobs, 4000 candidates and conferences: this is the ChangeNOW Impact Job Fair event...
7 octobre 2022

Big 2022 by BPI France

In these times of uncertainty, sometimes of doubts, of crisis where everything seems to be called into question, what immense happiness to feel such an entrepreneurial dynamic in...
Graphique marché bourse criseEconomy & Finance
12 février 2020

A major crisis is approaching

We are witnessing a historical period profoundly modifying traditional economic and societal models and designing new models for the 21st century...
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