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In the wake of ChangeNOW🌿🌍, the echoes of innovation, responsibility and collective action highlight the urgent need for sustainable transformation. The future hinges on collaborative efforts, cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights, and education’s pivotal role in spreading knowledge and empowering a global community of change-makers.

🤝 At the core was a pivotal realization – sustainability is not a siloed endeavor but a shared journey. Transforming corporations from the inside out and nurturing ecosystems of change, the message was clear: every individual has the potential to be an ambassador for change, driving sustainability at every level of their organization and beyond. This collective empowerment, fueled by accurate and actionable data, is crucial in dismantling the traditional barriers to sustainability and fostering a culture of accountability and innovation.

🌟 Impact-first entrepreneurship emerged as a beacon of hope, highlighting businesses that place societal and environmental impacts at the heart of their operations. The importance of translating strategies into concrete actions has never been more pronounced, underscored by the role of precise data measurement in setting goals, tracking progress, and scaling impact. The spirit of entrepreneurship energized by environmental concerns and supported by forward-thinking investors, is driving a wave of businesses committed to reducing carbon footprints, enhancing supply chain transparency, and embracing circular economy principles, thus marrying competitiveness with environmental stewardship.

🤖 Ethics in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence, was another focal point, reflecting a growing awareness of the implications of tech advancements. The discussions delved into the necessity of embedding ethical considerations in AI development, ensuring that innovation serves humanity’s broader goals without compromising standards or human rights, and is underpinned by transparent and responsible data usage.

👶 As we navigate the complexities of the climate emergency, the message resonates deeply with a call for intergenerational responsibility. It’s a reminder that the actions we take today will shape the legacy we leave for future generations. This generational perspective underscores the importance of education, advocacy, and collective action in forging a sustainable path forward.

Left: Thomas Bourgeron, Professor @InstitutPasteur | Center-left: Natalia Vodianova Arnault, Founder @NakedHeartFrance | Center-right: Martina Nadal, Partner @DomesticDataStreamers | Right: Nora Gherbi, Founder @WhoCaresChronicles

Left: Sandy Snoeck, Keynote Speaker | Center-left: Paul Turner, Education Lead @MinistryofEcoEducation | Center-right: Florence Rizzo, Co-founder @Ecolhuma | Right: Dries Rombouts, Head of bA @ArteveldeUniversity

Jean-Pierre Goux, President @OneHome

The event’s insights and innovations serve as a blueprint for action, urging us to embrace the full potential of collaboration, technology, ethical innovation, and the transformative power of education in building a better world for the generations to come ✨

Left: Sandy Snoeck, Keynote speaker | Right: Cédric Ringenbach, Founder @LaFresqueduClimat

Left: Maxime de Rostolan, Founder @Sailcoop | Center: Sebastien Thiéry, Artiste @NavireAvenir | Right: Stacy Algrain, Founder @LaCorneille

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