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FTX and BlockFi have declared bankruptcy, other giants will surely do so, yet many believe that no pillar is shaken and that this is a necessary step in its evolution and development, just like in start of the web!

Ledger fintech

Left: Sebastien Badault, VP @Ledger | Center: Christophe Vattier, CEO @Royaltiz | Right: Charlie Perreau, @LesEchos

On the occasion of the seventh most inspiring edition of France FinTech, and through certain interventions, including Changpeng Zhao, Borget Sebastien, Sebastien Badault, Christophe Vattier, Jean de La Rochebrochard, Cyril Chiche and Charlie Perreau…

10 points that seem important to consider for web3:


This is truly a battle for the future of the internet, over its ownership and security.

We are at the beginning of its development, some institutions have entered but the adoption by the general public in the various markets has not yet taken place.

We must consider cryptos not as a speculative means, but as DeFi and all the innovative technologies associated with the blockchain or the tangle, thus with a possible application domain in a multitude of markets, such as web 1 and 2.

The adoption by the consumer will be done via easy and transparent solutions, it will be necessary to not set aside a part of the population.

The ecosystem needs regulation, but fair and healthy, without restricting business and innovation.

The current « cleaning » of the market is necessary, excessive speculation must be controlled, scams banned: this was also the case at the beginning of the Internet.

France is one of the countries currently best placed in this race, via the balance between industry, regulation and the various players.

On NFTs and the metaverse, we are only at the beginning, at the experimental stage, and it is probably through creative content (art, gaming, event, streaming, etc.) that the solutions will be adopted.

All property can be tokenized (real estate, commodities, luxury goods…) and owning a wallet will probably be as common as owning a mailbox and/or a bank account.

The crisis is all the more reinforced by the current macroeconomic crisis, the crisis of confidence, the metamorphosis in the growth of communities/interests around the content, and by the change from financial KPIs to impact KPIs.
CZ Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao, CEO @Binance

CZ Changpeng zhao charlie perreau binance les echos fintech crypto web3

Left: Changpeng Zhao, CEO @Binance | Right: Charlie Perreau, @LesEchos

jean de la rochebrochard fintech kima ventures

Jean de La Rochebrochard, VC @KimaVentures

Big questions, sensitive trade-offs, but big stakes, crazy technologies, and early adoption in a year or two?

Work-and-see !

Cyril Chiche, CEO @Lydia

Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor @BanquedeFrance

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