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👉 It’s a liveboard that helps you explore any topic from different perspectives, like a playground for curiosity. From light thoughts, discovering new topics, learning, finding ideas, to engaging in deep thinking…the future possibilities seem incredible. It’s super addictive!

You can already:

  • Start with just a word
  • Discover new angles
  • Ask new questions
  • Add notes manually
  • Get AI suggestions for any content
  • Generate associated images
  • Study a topic with different teaching levels
  • Share a board
  • Create multiple boards

For an early beta, it is incredible and has a nice design.

🔗 If you want to try it out:

Albus AI early betaProduct Hunt

💡 It would be so cool to have these ideas implemented:

  • Drawing lines and arrows
  • Changing the colors of post-its
  • Collaborative and synchronous boards for learning and working in teams or with friends
  • Auto-adaptive blocks
  • Adding automatic charts based on content
  • Exploring a community of templates

Thank you to the team and developer(s) for this product! 🚀

Handmade with ❤️ in Paris.